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The following resources are available to our members and friends. 




Public Sector Efficiency04 May 2017
2017 Espresso Series: International Perspectives Singapore27 Apr 2017
2017 Espresso Series: International Perspectives China06 Apr 2017
Nudge Thinking: Cure-all or all too hard?21 Mar 2017
2017 Espresso Series: International Perspectives Indonesia14 Mar 2017
2017 Espresso Series: International Perspectives USA21 Feb 2017
President's Address19 Jan 2017
Future Public Service: Flexible work delivers smarter solutions30 Nov 2016
Shaping the Views at the Top 201623 Sep 2016
2016 IPAA WA Public Sector Research Day01 Sep 2016
Communication Nation: The plain English edition25 Aug 2016
Inclusion: Harnessing diversity to drive performance12 Aug 2016
2016 Budget Briefing31 May 2016
Achtung! New Economy Ahead16 Mar 2016
President's Address16 Feb 2016
Culture Change: Building a future ready public sector10 Nov 2015
Innovation Series: How to implement successful innovation programs16 Sep 2015
Citizen Insights: Better understanding, Better services06 Aug 2015
The Innovation Imperative21 Jul 2015
Communication Nation: 21st Century Strategic Communication10 Jun 2015
2015 Budget Briefing20 May 2015
Shaping the Views at the Top 201515 Apr 2015
Red Tape: Problem or Solution19 Mar 2015
President's Address12 Feb 2015
Opportunities in Change27 Nov 2014
The Power of Information21 Aug 2014
2014 Budget Briefing16 May 2014
Culture Change30 Apr 2014
Producing a Brilliant Annual Report16 Apr 2014
Crisis Response19 Mar 2014
Sundowner with Michael Leunig26 Sep 2013
Leunig on The Future of Australian Society and the Public Service 26 Sep 2013
2013 Budget Briefing09 Aug 2013
Shaping the Views at the Top 201312 Jul 2013
60 Million Australians by 210011 Jun 2013
Public Service Transformed 23 May 2013
Producing a Brilliant Annual Report20 Mar 2013
Asia Ready Public Service06 Mar 2013
Women in Leadership29 Nov 2012
Implementing Innovation Systems in Government08 Nov 2012
Demystifying Mental Health10 Oct 2012
RightClick 201205 Sep 2012
The Rise of Social Enterprise29 Aug 2012
Public Sector Leadership 201219 Jul 2012
Shaping the Views at the Top 201222 Jun 2012
Big Projects24 May 2012
2012 Budget Briefing18 May 2012
Producing a Brilliant Annual Report30 Mar 2012
Government Collaboration in Practice29 Feb 2012
Energy Smart Government07 Dec 2011
Women In Leadership06 Dec 2011
Conversation with Brian Gleeson 24 Nov 2011
Learning Success from the Successful17 Nov 2011
RightClick 201130 Sep 2011
Work Smarter: Live Better08 Sep 2011
Presidents Breakfast08 Sep 2011
Changing Behaviour01 Sep 2011
Partnering with the Community Sector11 Aug 2011
Sustainable Indigenous Employment29 Jul 2011
Conversations with a DG26 Jul 2011
Pilbara Cities 05 Jul 2011
Moving Beyond the Barriers - Full Day28 Jun 2011
Challenges and Choices: Career Direction & Development to get you to the Top24 Jun 2011
Budget Briefing Luncheon20 May 2011
Collaboration in Practice: Leadership & Cohesion13 May 2011
CHOGM: Opportunities & Challenges for WA12 May 2011
Oh My Goodness is that FOIable?!10 May 2011
WS Lonnie Awards01 Apr 2011
Producing a Brilliant Annual Report30 Mar 2011
The Future of Perth23 Feb 2011

Member Events

2016 IPAA WA Christmas Celebration08 Dec 2016
Member Mentoring with Andrew Metcalfe FIPAA AO06 Dec 2016
Member Mentoring with Dr Ruth Shean22 Nov 2016
2016 Annual General Meeting and Member Meet and Greet27 Oct 2016
Battle of The Agencies Quiz Night28 Jul 2016
2016/17 Federal Budget14 Jun 2016
Member Mentoring with Auditor General Colin Murphy04 May 2016
Insights Series: The young professional in WA’s changing economy10 Mar 2016
Insights Series: The Future of Innovation26 Nov 2015
2015 Annual General Meeting and Member Meet and Greet22 Oct 2015
Battle of The Agencies Quiz Night18 Sep 2015
The Western Australian Frank and Fearless Legendary Debate27 Aug 2015
Insights with Lorissa Kelly: A Chief of Staff’s Perspective23 Jul 2015
2014 Members Christmas Celebration18 Dec 2014
2014 Young Professionals Christmas Party11 Dec 2014
IPAA 2014 Welcome Sundowner28 Oct 2014
Annual General Meeting and Member Meet and Greet 16 Oct 2014
2014 Reid Oration06 Oct 2014
Battle of The Agencies Quiz Night04 Sep 2014
Insights from Lisa Scaffidi The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor03 Sep 2014
Member Mentoring with Sven Bluemmel20 Aug 2014
Insights from Social Entrepreneur Fergus Hanson 09 Apr 2014
Member Mentoring with Sue McCarrey07 Feb 2014
2013 Members Christmas Celebration12 Dec 2013
Annual General Meeting and Member Meet and Greet31 Oct 2013
2013 Reid Oration22 Oct 2013
Insights from the Hon Alannah MacTiernan28 Aug 2013
Insights from Prof. the Hon. Christian Porter 14 Mar 2013
Conversation with Grahame Searle27 Feb 2013
Young Professionals Meet and Greet19 Oct 2012
New Member Welcome12 Sep 2012
Conversation with Percy Allan23 May 2012
Spacecubed15 Feb 2012
End of Year Christmas Celebration14 Dec 2011
Lunch Break Book Club15 Apr 2011