Influencing Without the Power Card

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The need for effective influence is an increasing leadership requirement, particularly for those working in departments or agencies that use a matrix structure or in organisations where staff need to influence across a range of divisions/areas and across levels. This workshop provides an insight into a model of influence with practical tools and strategies for more effective influence, and in particular influence without the use of power and authority.

Course Content

  • influencing challenges
  • the 5-Dimensional Model of Sustainable Influence
  • Newton's laws of physics applied to influence
  • Covey's perspective of influence
  • mapping your influence
  • strategy development

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • have a significantly increased understanding of your personal communication and decision making styles
  • communicate the ‘WHY’ for any action or task and explain the context for organisational goals and decisions
  • understand your brain preferences and what you need to be doing differently to be able to communicate more effectively with those around you
  • confident in having a two-way conversation
  • utilise skills learnt to keep employees engaged and motivated

Benefits to your organisation

  • use story-telling in a dynamic manner in the workplace to inspire and lead people effectively
  • develop individual action plans based on the individual gaps

Benefits to you

  • gain insight into how you think, behave and influence those around you
  • understand how to communicate more effectively, with particular focus on why, how, who and then what
  • understand how to communicate in a way that demonstrates both sustainable credibility, but also generates curiosity