Speed Reading

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Most senior managers and executives, as well as many members of staff, spend at least 30% of their time reading, usually at a speed of around 250 words a minute – which is our average reading speed. If they could double this reading rate their overall productivity would improve by more than 15%. This represents a substantial saving in time and costs. After a few hours training in this fast-paced, practical workshop, participants will know how they may increase their reading speed to double its previous level, while, with practice, also increasing their comprehension and retention levels.

Course Content 

We will analyse the bad reading habits that induce us to read so slowly and painstakingly that our mind wanders and we lose concentration. Three of these are:

  • Sub-vocalisation –sounding words as we read them
  • Fixation –  focussing so tightly we read only one or two words at a time
  • Regression – unconsciously allowing our eyes to flit back to reread words as many as 50 times per page.

Participants will spend much of the workshop learning how to overcome these habits, as well as practicing the methods and techniques that can enable all of us to read at close to our thinking speed (500-600 words a minute) rather than at our speed of speaking.

Course Outcomes 

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • increase their reading speed
  • improve their comprehension and retention levels with practice
  • calculate their reading speeds and test themselves for comprehension and retention
  • employ a variety of strategies to overcome poor reading habits
  • apply visual pacing to eliminate regression and boost reading speed.
  • know how to reduce fixating on one word at a time
  • know how to vary their reading speed, depending on the level of difficulty of the material.
  • learn how to scope material to obtain an overview of contents and to access specific information
  • apply speed reading to copy on a computer screen 

Benefits to your organisation

  • Those members of staff who are trained in speed reading may increase their productivity by at least 15%
  • Individuals will have more confidence in their reading ability and their ability to retain key information

Benefits to you

  • Increase your reading speed
  • Increase your confidence in your reading ability
  • Improve your ability to retain key information