Member Mentoring with Angie Paskevicius - CEO, Holyoake

Personal Members Only

Within our membership ranks there exists a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom that we now make available to you through an informal, small group mentoring session. 

Angie Paskevicius is an inspiring, visionary and dynamic leader. Everything she does is driven by her desire to improve services to empower people in the community. Among the many examples of Angie’s visionary leadership is the transformation of DRUMBEAT® into a globally successful social enterprise. Her leadership was recognised in the 2017 IPAA WA Achievement Awards when she received the Hyatt Regency Perth Award for Leader of the Year Working in the Not for Profit Sector.

This is an opportunity available exclusively to personal members.

The mentoring session below is the third in a series of sessions to be delivered throughout the year. To maintain a level of personal engagement, numbers for these sessions are capped. Any Personal member, regardless of career stage is invited to participate.

The mentor session will be driven by the group's needs as a mentee. Please bring along your questions about issues you face in your career.

About Mentoring

Mentoring is an effective process for the transfer of professional skills and benefits mentees through support for skills and knowledge development It is designed to provide an additional layer of career and professional development.

By attending mentees will:

  • Develop personal skills and self-confidence.
  • Gain a broader understanding of the public sector and the role of IPAA
  • Develop relationships with more senior colleagues to explore career and professional pathways in a supportive, informal environment. 

Topics you may wish to discuss at the session include:

  • Leadership styles and attributes
  • Networks: building, sustaining etc.
  • Personal presentation and communication skills ( e.g. resumes, interviews, public speaking)
  • Working with others in teams: as a member; as a leader
  • Managing performance (your own and others)

It is important to understand that mentoring is one component of a professional development plan. It is focused on career and professional development conversations. It complements skill development training and is not a substitute for emotional support systems such as counselling.


Ms Angie Paskevicius
Chief Executive Officer, Holyoake